Install Firebase

google-services.json file should be copied to app/ folder.

There is a collection of apps for quick start

When I Import existing project the subfolders, I got error

Gradle sync failed: Could not find

so I need to add this line to gradle

maven { url '' }

Google Sign in

To connect your app with Firebase you can use Gradle or Assistant. For using Gradle, you need to copy SHA and paste to firebase console. To get Debug signing certificate SHA-1 (optional) from the Android Studio, you can go to right toolbox Gradle and double click on root -> Tasks -> android -> signinReport. Another way to get sha is running command

keytool --exportcert -list -v -alias androiddebugkey -keystore $ANDROID_SDK_ROOT/.android/debug.keystore
Enter keystore password:
# type: android

Using assistant, you will grand permission to update your firebase settings, so you do not need to paste.

Keyboard shortcuts

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