• md-autocomplete to automatically open, you need md-min-length="0"
  • to align button to right you can insert <span flex></span> before so it covers the space before element, and wrap inside layout="row"


    Another approach is to use layout-align="end"

  • md-autofocus is nice tool to save users clicks, just add to attribude like <input md-autofocus="!">. It works ONLY on $mdDialog, $m@import "mdb5-free-standard/css/mdb.min.css"dBottomSheet and $mdSidenav

  • md-select and md-option should have values inside quotes like md-option(ng-value="'delivery_only'")

    • use $scope.$watch 'vm.restaurantCart.pickUp' instead of ng-click since value is not yet updated in ng-click hook
  • md-chips does not work with ng-repeat. You need to use md-chips api like

    <md-chips ng-model="ctrl.items" readonly="true">
          { {$}}
  • if ng-messages are shown before you interact with input, solution is to update angular-material by changing bower.json file, replace the number with start "angular-material": "*", and run bower update

  • md-scroll-shrink on md-toolbar does not work always, so use this fix to add outher wrapper

  • when you perfom server request on ng-click (not on form(ng-submit) than there is an issue that validation message is not shown before user interacts with that field. Idea to add button(type="submit") does not work for me since I don’t know how to stop form from submit, since = (item, myForm) -> return if myForm.$errors don’t see errors. Solution is to use md-input-container(md-is-error="myForm.price.$error.server") so it will put this container in error mode md-is-error

    Another thing that could help is to add css: #5837 ng-message {
      opacity: 1 !important;

    or in js by adding two attributes #6767 (animation stop working)

    md-messages md-auto-hide="false" ng-if="myForm.myField.$touched"

    Problematic validations are also shown if your use ng-if instead of ng-show.

  • mdDialog works fine (you can put form element inside md-dialog). You can open and wait for results to resolve

      controller: 'VerifyOrderController'
      controllerAs: 'vm'
      templateUrl: 'app/menu/verifyOrder.html'
      (resp) ->
      (cancel) ->
  • show hide attributes link <div hide-gt-sm> or <div hide show-gt-sm>


Material pick 4 colors (hues/shades) from palette: 500, 300, 800, A100 for primary and warn intentions, and A200, A100, A400, A700 for accent intention. [link]( [video]( Button can have different intention with md-primary md-accent md-warn classes and you can pick slightly different variation with md-hue-1 md-hue-2 md-hue-3`