You can download old Arduino (ver 1.8) to Programs, or you can use from Ubuntu (ver 2.1).

Arduino Makefile

I use Arduino Makefile to compile and flash to arduino

sudo apt-get install arduino-mk

It gives some files I could ignore path to arduino dir since I used system arduino

# ~/config/bashrc/
export ARDUINO_DIR=/usr/share/arduino
export ARDMK_DIR=/usr/share/arduino/

So for your project you have to define

# Makefile
BOARD_TAG    = uno
include $(ARDMK_DIR)/

In vim you can run

make upload
make monitor
# you can exit with Ctrl+C or Ctrl+A + K (and y)
make show_boards

In case you have an error avrdude: can't open config file "/usr/../avrdude.conf": No such file or directory than define in makefile AVRDUDE_CONF = /etc/avrdude.conf

Ignore build files


To exit from serial monitor (screen or minicom, which I could not setup to work from makefile) you can Ctrl + A and than K and than Y

Low cost tx rx

VirtualWire works fine on ATMEGA Follow installation and download zip and extract to sketchbook/libraries in my case is /home/orlovic/Arduino/libraries. Than you can find examples of it: File -> Examples -> VirtualWire -> transmitter Pin 12 is for sending, Pin 11 for receiving.

But since it is not updated I used Manchester

Solar food dehydrator

Air quality monitor